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Brexit – The Vote and Aftermath

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

I haven’t written anything on my blog for a good many years. Mostly because I really don’t have time, what with running three businesses, writing a monthly article for CMM, playing with motorcycles and having a social life. I am getting to the point where I am seriously considering leaving all social media, as a direct result of the volume of half baked crap being spewed from the mouths of folk. It is my belief that the social media is being used to smear people particularly in the public eye.

UKIP and Nigel Farage in particular, started to strike a chord with many ordinary people living in Britain. Not radical people, just ordinary working people, who have, for some time been getting the feeling that they are being taken for a ride. As UKIP’s popularity grew, so the slurring started. The Guardian reading middle classes decided they were racists and when the Tory leadership decided that they wanted to back their potentially massively paying jobs in the EU post UK government, the smearing started in earnest. Once the real racist politicians could see UKIP’s momentum they tried to jump on the band wagon leaving their unelectable openly racist parties for the chance of power. Every time UKIP discovered one of these pernicious cuckoos that had found their way into the UKIP nest, they were summarily ejected, but this just gave fuel to the fire started by their detractors. So successful has the smear campaign been that Nigel Farage and his party were excluded from the Official Leave Campaign, which was hugely sad given that Farage was the one who started it all.

The current administration spent ten million pounds of hard working British tax payers money to print and deliver a leaflet full of factual inaccuracies and downright untruths. Cameron even had the audacity to blatantly infer that leaving the EU might well cause world war three! The official leave campaign decided to follow suit and start their own lies to hoodwink voters. The vile Murdoch press started to churn out pro-leave crap, which I believe damaged the cause, given most of it was genuinely borderline racist. I was truly amazed today, to read a post on Facebook that suggested that Nigel Farage had gone back on his promise to spend the EU subs on the NHS. He is not a Westminster MP!  He never made such a claim, but a pushy, ill informed interviewer on a video clip shown as evidence to back up this stupid claim on Facebook kept pushing him on the point. He calmly explained to her that he was NOT part of the official leave campaign and so did not have any control over the lies plastered on their campaign bus, nor the crap spewing Boris’s gob, but still the stupid cow kept going! He pointed out that, in his opinion, the official leave campaign had made a mistake with some of their ludicrous claims, though he was very diplomatic, which considering they shafted him was very gentlemanly.

Despite the huge advantages the Remain campaign had, and the massive and blatant lies they spouted, the British voters came out in record numbers to wave two fingers at the EU. The Guardian reading middle classes are up in arms, eloquently demanding that there was somehow a stitch up; that those that voted to leave are either ill educated or racists. They are screaming that those of us who voted leave are ruining the future for our children and are somehow stirring up racial hatred. The leftie middle classes shout racist at anything they don’t like; the working class man who has a problem might call you a wanker or a prick, the leftie will call you a racist. Problem is that despite the term being bandied about so liberally now, for some inexplicable reason, when the gentle nicely spoken folk accuse people of being a racist, some of that shit more often than not sticks, however unfair the accusation. The BMW/Audi/VW driving middle classes love to spout their inclusive socialist claptrap, but they still want their creature comforts and don’t want their talented progeny mixing with the nasty council house yobs.

Brexit age vote table

Interesting last night, seeing huge crowds of youngsters protesting against the result of the referendum on Ch4 News, particularly considering that considerably less than forty percent of the 18-24 year group could be arsed to vote at all. When I was a youth the young protested about things that something could be done about, like nuclear disarmament, not the result of a democratic referendum! Nuclear weapons were clearly a bad thing and however little experience of life you have, they were very obviously a bad thing. Apartheid was another injustice worth shouting about. When I was young we looked to those who’d lived a bit for guidance and whilst we, in common with all youths from the dawn of time, thought we knew it all, the rest of society gave the opinions of the elders more credence than those from kids who had only recently left school. Wisdom and experience were once valued. Those complaining on Facebook about the fact that they are correct and those who voted out are hugely wrong, have been pointing to the fact that the younger voters wanted in and that the older the voter, the more likely they were to vote out, as being a ringing endorsement for their view. It should also be noted in the above table that the older the voter, the more they value their vote and missing the opportunity to express ones view at the ballot box is a youngsters trait.

No one really knows what will happen economically as a result of Brexit, but given our serious trading deficit with the EU, it would really not be in their interests to put up major trading barriers. If the EU really is stupid enough to do that, then I am sure we will be able to do deals with other countries around the world as we did in the past. Naturally the cost of expensive German cars would increase, and so the Champagne socialists might have to start digging deeper or even buy Japanese cars built in the UK. Maybe without the EU giving grants to companies to take their manufacturing away from Britain in favour of other EU countries and without the seemingly limitless mountains of EU bureaucracy shackling businesses, we might once again develop British manufacturing as we once did. I am still really sore about the EU luring Cadbury away from Keynsham with grants to manufacture in Poland with a loss of five hundred jobs from the local economy.

Yes the big players are sorely pissed off by Brexit, partly because it gave them an unfair advantage in the market place over the many small businesses that originally made Britain great. I don’t understand high end banking and so why the bankers were against leaving I don’t know, but I do know that the giant banks have never done me any favours and have always taken the piss out of small businesses. The leaders of the mega-financial institutions award themselves obscene pay deals and bonuses out of all proportion to their working week, so my guess is that if they are against leaving the EU, it will be from their personal perspectives, not those of the businesses they run.

My final observation is that the votes were cast, counted and a democratic result was announced. Can I suggest that rather than putting in massive amounts of effort complaining that the result is wrong, racist or bad for the price of your favourite car, that you get off your arse and work at making Britain great again. Reposting tripe from the Grawnyad and starting undemocratic petitions is a waste of time and energy that could be spent in a more valuable direction.

Fashionable Breasts

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Breasts are all created perfectly. There is no perfect breast shape or size any more than there is a perfect piece of music. For my tastes Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb exemplifies the pinnacle of the aural art, with Bach’s organ toccata and fugue in D minor just ahead of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Free bird and I tend to like small but pert breasts. Clearly my taste’s in music aren’t every ones and I know of men who prefer the ‘Space Hopper’ breast design.

My point is that no two breasts are identical let alone pairs of mammaries; but all will be adored by someone. There has been a recent culture in the ‘civilised’ world for women to have their breasts deformed by the surgical insertion of bags of silicon for fashion.

When I was a lad, girls and boys for that matter, wore the most ridiculous clothes – platform shoes, flares, bondage trousers etc, crazy make up and hair dyed in farcical bright colours all in the name of fashion. In recent years however fashion has reached epidemic proportions with youngsters, mainly girls, desecrating their body with vile tattoos*, piercings and massively unnecessary surgery. At least the piercings can be removed leaving only reasonably small scarring and those stupid enough to brand themselves permanently with ink will be a permanent warning to their offspring not to make the same mistakes, but vanity surgery takes fashion into a much darker place.

Cosmetic surgery has it’s place and I can understand why actresses, and their ilk, extend their working life by paying huge amounts of money to specialists to maintain the tools of their trade. Cosmetic surgery also has a place in reconstructing the bodies of those struck by accidents and illnesses such as cancer.

I cannot, however, even begin to understand why society even allows, much less encourages, young women, with essentially perfect bodies, to have them debased with dangerous surgery and bags of silicon by doctors motivated only by profit. Recently one of the companies cashing in on this odious trade, has been upping it’s profit margins by supplying builders grade silicon to be stuck in the chests of these vacuous fashion victims.

The hard working tax payers of this country, there are a few of us left, are now being asked to foot the bill to have the plastic fun bags of these shallow, narcissistic girls removed and replaced with the more expensive surgical silicon. Call me harsh, but my attitude is that they need to sue the company who fitted the dodgy implants in the first place, at their own expense. If they can’t get them repaired under warranty, then they will have to start saving in the same way as they did when they decided to defile what mother nature gave them in the first place.



*I do accept that not all tattoos are vile, but I am referring in this article to the ‘Tramp Stamps’ that are commonly seem on young girls as fashion, not serious body art.


Voting – Right or Privilege?

Monday, May 30th, 2011

In my humble opinion this country’s political system is in an unholy mess, not because we have the ‘first past the post’ method of election, but partly because of those who are deemed suitable to make a valued judgement of our leaders, who in many cases have no understanding of what they are voting for or against. Let’s be realistic; if you have a company and the managing director leaves for some reason and needs to be replaced, you will not have a panel made up of the company’s cleaners and shop floor workers to determine the merits of the various candidates for this vitally important position, if the company is to have any future. The members of the board of ‘Britain Plc’ have a far more complex assignment running the economy of an entire country, yet they are selected, to a great degree by people who have no understanding of politics what so ever, and even less economics. How many times have you heard the expression “traditional Labour/Tory/Liberal voters”? People so often vote on class lines; “I am working class therefore I must vote labour”

Despite the fact that the Brown /Blair administration bankrupted the country and took us into a war that arguably saw Blair as a war criminal, a huge number of people voted for them again!

I believe that there is a huge amount of ‘fashion’ entering the world of political selection. I hadn’t recognised this until I started using Twitter. I ‘follow’ a good number of comics and well known personalities, who are on the whole nice, middle class and well educated, in many cases Oxbridge. I can only assume that as public figures, who make their livings as a result of people ‘liking’ them, they have almost universally adopted very left wing views and publicly slate the Tories as being evil bastards who want to make the rich richer and the poor even more down trodden. In reality that’s exactly what the Brown/Blair administration achieved. These celebrities (God how I hate that term) then publicly proffer their nice, if unrealistic views which then become the fashionable views to take. People who take a more realistic view are then seen to be selfish or cruel to the needy etc.

Because the current government have to try and pull the country out of the financial disaster we are in, cuts have to be made to services; you don’t need to be Einstein to figure that one out, but the media are reporting about hardship all over the place. The coalition were slagged off for capping the level of housing benefit that previously allowed dole scroungers to have rents paid on properties that would be well beyond the financial grasp of the majority of decent hard working people in this country. I do think that it is a shame that we can no longer afford state funded libraries all over the place, but this is a price that has to be paid for the last government’s economic folly. Services have to be cut to pay for the debts run up by the previous leaders, but the short sighted seem to blame the current government for this.
I have read numerous tweets where it is being said that Gordon’s boys weren’t to blame, it was the evil bankers. These tweetists also like to suggest that in some way that the Tory party is another evil head of the bad bankers monster. So what bunch of morons allowed the bankers to behave as they did, bailed them out with tax payers money and then didn’t do anything to stop the greedy bastards going for it again? Oh yes, that’ll be New Labour!

Another opinion of these guileless media whores is that those running businesses are the scourge of the working man and they see the Tories ‘cosying up’ to corporate leaders. In the real world the working man won’t have a job if the nasty businesses aren’t able to make a profit. I have been self-employed in the business sector for well in excess of twenty years and I know loads of guys running businesses where their staff take home far more than they do, and are still convinced that their bosses are exploiting them. Thanks to the leftwing governments, the disproportionally powerful health and safety executive and the unions, the vast majority of British manufacturing goes abroad, much of it to the far east.

I am not a rabid Tory, which would be a reasonable conclusion to make from the previous paragraphs, but to be honest in the current political climate they are the best on offer. I am sure, that in common with nearly all politicians, Cameron and his chums would feather their own nests, but the country is so screwed at present that there is nothing going spare to nick.

Doubtless, if there are any green shoots of recover at the end of this grim and austere period, then the great unwashed of this country will vote back to power the authors of our previous misfortune, in the naive belief that the lefties will come and lavish all and sundry with every conceivable luxury and no thought to the funding.

The only solution to this problem is to ensure that only those who understand the political process and the economic realities of the situation would be permitted to vote. In an ideal world everyone at school would be taught about the realities of politics and economics and would be examined to prove a real understanding before being allowed a voting card. The major flaw in this ideology is that, as far as I can make out, a huge percentage of school teachers and college lecturers are completely brainwashed with lala land socialist views. My step daughter is forever having her sixth form tutors attempting to push their unrealistic, but ‘nice’ politics on her. Fortunately she is quick witted and counters with more well thought out views. What I find astounding is that so many highly intelligent individuals are completely blind to the realities of economics; anyone and everyone, from anywhere in the world should have a minimum standard of ‘x’, ‘y’ and ‘z’ supplied by Britain, regardless of whether Britain has the money to pay for it – oh yes, and the government must get this from the rich, well richer than them of course. The fact that there aren’t enough rich people with enough money to fund it doesn’t matter, any more than the reality that if higher earners get taxed at 95% in real terms they’ll piss of with their income to somewhere with a fairer taxation policy.

But I digress; the bottom line is that only those who can adequately prove that they have a reasonable understanding of politic s and economics should be allowed to partake in the voting process. This would have countless benefits. Currently candidates proffer absolute bullshit to the electorate, which no one ever expects them to put into action, but sound palatable at the time. Too many votes are cast for the ‘nicer’ personality. If the candidates had to convince an intelligent and well informed electorate, who would never trust them again, were they not action their election proposals and promises, then we would get some more able leaders. Education and examination for the privilege of voting could be achieved reasonably cheaply on line, and after a couple of terms of improved government, we could afford this system with no problems.

As well as having a better educated voter, I believe that MPs and ministers should be paid on a performance related basis. This would ensure that Brown and Blair would be as bankrupt as the country is now, instead of being millionaires, following their epic and multitudinous failures to the citizens of Britain.

The REAL reason why the iPhone isn’t Flash

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

This morning I discovered the real reason the iPhone doesn’t support flash, or to be more accurate why Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple Corp) has actually banned it from his product’s operating system. Jobs wrote an open letter in which he claimed that Flash was the No1 reason for his Apple Mac OSX operating system crashing. I had a Mac with the original OSX on it and it really needed no help to crash; the first few versions simply didn’t work at all and the machines shipped with OS9 as well to prevent folk sending their Macs back when they wouldn’t work. Jobs also claimed that Flash is out of date and flawed. The truth is that Flash has never caused one of my PCs to crash.

The real reason Jobs won’t allow Flash on his devices is MONEY. Flash is not just a way of providing interactive animation and a great platform for playing video on web sites, with 98% of personal computers (including Apple machines) having it installed, but it is also a method of programming so if the iPhone/iPad had Flash, then it would open the flood gates for people to play games on their iPhone/iPads without Jobs getting a cut of the action. So as always it comes down to a greedy rich bastard wanting to get even richer. My previous theory was that it was Jobs playing an ego trip, though I am fairly sure that this is probably a factor. Apple in an advertising campaign claimed that the iPhone could be used to view the whole web, but the advertising standards folk made them pull the adverts on the basis that without Flash it couldn’t.

Adobe created some tools so that Flash programmers could create apps for the Iphone and then convert them to run on the Iphone. Steve Jobs got the hump about this as well and banned it though I understand than in Flash CS5 professional there is a work around.

Google have developed the Android smart phone operating system, which has had Flash developed for it and is steaming ahead. My phone will phone contract will be up at the end of the year and I shall be looking very closely at the Android based phones. Google and Adobe have been working very closely so hopefully the greedy bastard Jobs will get blown out of the water. Don’t for one moment think that Adobe are a nice clean living company either; I can assure you from personal experience that they are also a greedy bunch of gits; I have spent a small fortune on their software and when I needed technical support for my £3000 investment I got put through to an Indian fellow, who’s grasp of English was fairly rudimentary to say the least, and could only seem to direct me to Adobe’s web help pages which in my experience are often a bit of an oxymoron. It made me sorry I hadn’t just used a pirate copy of CS5 like most other sensible people.

The conclusion is that all these companies are run by mercenary, egotistical gits, but Apple has taken it’s cupidity a step too far, in that it’s refusal, purely for financial gains, to allow Flash to be installed on it’s mobile products has made them substandard and unable to read all the content of the world wide web.


Monday, March 7th, 2011

Religion has always been a thorny issue, with serious believers willing to lay down their own lives, but more often the lives of others to protect the ‘image’ of their chosen ‘Almighty One’.


When I was young and deeply unhappy in boarding school, I picked up on Christianity as a crutch to help me through my depression. In retrospect I’m not entirely sure that it did any real good, other than to make me feel guilty about masturbating, but not enough to stop, obviously. Later in life I decided that the whole ‘worship thing’ didn’t really make any sense at all and as the so much of the Old Testament is clearly bonkers, I decided that I would carry on my belief in God, but drop the ‘pre-packed’ religion bit and just do my own thing.


Now just for one moment let’s assume that God does exist and is the creator of all the known and unknown universes, humans, animals, plants, alien life forms, Gordon Brown,  Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, snakes, mountains, oceans etc. Each one of us is pretty insignificant in our own county let alone the largeness of multiple universes and whatever is beyond that. Most people who create something enjoy recognition and compliments from members of their peer group. If I design a website that to me looks pretty dandy and someone in the same profession tells me that it’s good, my simple human emotions will make my chest swell with pride. If however an ant that has found its way to a computer, takes a look and tells it’s mates back at the anthill about this wonderful website and they are all overcome with emotion and feel the need to build an inch high edifice in honour of it, from the best bits of crap they can find, am I likely to be impressed? I think not, and I am considerably nearer in size to the ants than God. Although I have an ego that does enjoy a bit of massage from time to time, I think that it’s fair to assume, that egotism is not a trait that the almighty would have in spades, so what exactly is the point of dedicating a not inconsiderable percentage of our very short stay on earth wearing the knees out of our trousers in a draughty old building, when one could be doing something useful or relaxing, telling our creator how insignificant we are and how great he/she/it is?


Another word used with great enthusiasm by the devotees of most, if not all religions is ‘belief’. In years gone by, those who did not ‘believe’ in whatever imaginary being was being supported, were seen as being ‘evil’ and did not deserve to live and very often were put to death for such a heinous crime. Since the dawn of time, we have invented imaginary friends and enemies and then become more protective of them than our real living, breathing friends. It’s not all been negative; some fantastic buildings have been created, jaw droppingly beautiful music composed. Sadly though huge numbers of people have been tormented, and killed in the name of various Gods over the years. No religion can claim not to have blood spilt in its name at some point. The Christians for a start have a very tarnished record. Here’s one of a great number of blood thirsty quotes from the Old Testement –   “Suppose you hear in one of the towns the LORD your God is giving you that some worthless rabble among you have led their fellow citizens astray by encouraging them to worship foreign gods.  In such cases, you must examine the facts carefully.  If you find it is true and can prove that such a detestable act has occurred among you, you must attack that town and completely destroy all its inhabitants, as well as all the livestock.  Then you must pile all the plunder in the middle of the street and burn it. Put the entire town to the torch as a burnt offering to the LORD your God.  That town must remain a ruin forever; it may never be rebuilt.  Keep none of the plunder that has been set apart for destruction.  Then the LORD will turn from his fierce anger and be merciful to you.  He will have compassion on you and make you a great nation, just as he solemnly promised your ancestors.  “The LORD your God will be merciful only if you obey him and keep all the commands I am giving you today, doing what is pleasing to him.” (Deuteronomy 13:13-19 NLT)

The Qur’an isn’t much better “Slay them wherever you find them…Idolatry is worse than carnage…Fight against them until idolatry is no more and God’s religion reigns supreme.” (Surah 2:190-)

These days they like to purport to be above such behaviour, but there is still hatred in Northern Ireland and blood is still occasionally spilt from two factions of the same religion who share the same book, songs and God. Clearly Islam is currently getting a bad press for the extra keen supporters murdering folk for having the audacity to be rude about one of their prophets. To the best of my knowledge, in none of their holy books does it recommend that one should kill oneself as a vehicle to killing other folk who worship an alternative imaginary friend or worse still follow the scientific view that there is no evidence whatsoever of any form of ultimate being, much less that one will be rewarded with the opportunity to take the virginity of huge numbers of young girls. These people are very hung up on virginity; what I want to know is what happens to these virgins after they have been deflowered by the suicide bomber. If they are up in this heaven place, then presumably they died on earth without having a bite of the carnal apple and then are taken roughly by a Muslim man as a reward for killing lots of people, who may also have been Allah fearing Muslims, so indiscriminate are their murders. In my conversations with the followers of the Qur’an, women who have sex with men outside of marriage are not looked upon very highly to say the very least, so those who reward the suicide bombers are getting a pretty crap deal. Mind you the Qur’an does have some iffy views about women – “Forbidden to you are…married women, except those you own as slaves.” (Surah 4:20-, 24-)


In today’s uber politically correct Britain we must be religiously tolerant. We’re not permitted to say that Mohammad is a git, but it’s absolutely fine for his devotees to tell the world that sticking your willy in the bottom of another man is evil and unnatural. I have to say that same sex buggery has never appealed to me, but I accept that for some it’s as compelling for them to kiss a chap as it has been for me, from the first day of puberty, to look lustfully at women’s breasts; I can’t help it – I have been genetically programmed to like women’s bodies. Some people are hard coded to want to have sex with their own gender. It’s not a lifestyle choice, they cannot help what floats their boat, but most religions, having been originally created by primitive man, deem homosexuality as evil. The desire to copulate with one’s own gender has clearly been around for a long time, for the religious bigots to include such nonsense in their holy books.


The vast majority of religions are fairly misogynistic and there have been great upheavals about women being allowed to be vicars. What I can’t get my head around is a body that has accepted that women are perhaps good enough to be vicars, but not quite good enough to be bishops. There is great disagreement amongst the Christian leaders about the place of women in the house of God. Their great leader is supposed to be all powerful, if it’s such a big deal why don’t they just ask him? And while they’re at it why don’t they ask his opinion on uphill gardening and carpet munching? I think that if he/she/it was asked the reply would be “Do whatever lights your candle, providing you don’t hurt physically or emotionally others.” I personally think that Priests that bugger choir boys should be castrated – publically! Not because they are paedos, but because they try and make their parishioners feel guilty about knocking one out whilst thinking about their mate’s wife, whilst they are happy destroying the innocence and causing catastrophic lifetime damage to the mental and emotional health of a young person.


Reading many of the ancient texts suggest that ‘owning’ slaves is an OK thing to do and even rape is OK if you’re on the right side    “Lo, a day shall come for the Lord when the spoils shall be divided in your midst.  And I will gather all the nations against Jerusalem for battle: the city shall be taken, houses plundered, women ravished; half of the city shall go into exile, but the rest of the people shall not be removed from the city”. (Zechariah 14:1-2 NAB)

All these old texts are clearly outrageous to the modern thinking person, riddled as they are with encouragement to rape the women of, and murder those who aren’t from the same God loving club as yourself. Yet the governments say we must allow religious freedom and make laws to ban ‘religious hatred’ when religious hatred is actually promoted by these books – God’s curse be upon the infidels! Evil is that for which they have bartered away their souls. To deny God’s own revelation, grudging that He should reveal His bounty to whom He chooses from among His servants! They have incurred God’s most inexorable wrath. An ignominious punishment awaits the unbelievers. Quran 2:89-2:90,

I believe that the world would be a better place with people not following any form of religion though a devote belief in Karma would be a good thing, providing one can get a clear understanding of what is Good and Bad ie being a chocolate chimney sweep is fine but shagging a dog, killing someone or stealing their phone isn’t even remotely OK.

I hate political correctness almost as much as I hate bigotry!

Do I believe in God? I’m not really sure any more, but if there is such a being, I’m 100% sure he doesn’t support any of the religions!

Is the iPhone Flash?

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

I have had my iPhone for over a year now and have to admit that I wouldn’t swap it for any other phone on the market, BUT, and it is a BIG BUT, I really hate the arrogance of Apple in point blank refusing to include any version of Flash player on the iPhone or iPad and I understand has even vetoed efforts of third party developers to create apps that would allow iPhone / iPad users, through their own choice, to be able to display Flash content on their devices.

I do have an axe to grind, as among other things, I design web sites and do like to use Flash content, as it is great to create animations that can really enhance a site. I have researched what alternatives are available and the answer is pretty much zilch for me. Some Flash content could be replaced by Java script, but there is no easy way for a design based web designer, as opposed to a programming based web developer, to create such content. I have invested a great deal of time and money to learn the workings on Flash which has been a great component in web design for many years, and do not want to completely start again and learn another type of program from scratch because some jumped up tosser in America wants to go on a giant international ego trip eliminating one of the cornerstones of web browsing.

Originally Macromedia produced Flash, though I don’t doubt, as is the way of most major software, that they in stole it from some super geek back in the mists of time. The publishing software giant Adobe bought out Macromedia and added Flash and Dreamweaver to their all ready comprehensive portfolio of design and publishing titles. I use Dreamwevear and Flash to design web site because they are aimed a designers who want to create great looking sites keeping the hassle of mind numbing code writing to a minimum. Arty people are not programmers and the sort of mind that makes things look attractive and stylish are not the sort of brains that write huge lines of computer coding.

The main argument Apple uses to defend it’s refusal to allow the use of Flash on the iPhone / iPad is that Flash is said to be resource heavy and argues that HTML 5 with Javascript is faster for a said piece of equipment eg. the iPhone. After one of my clients said that they wanted no Flash on their web site because of the iPhone / iPads issue, I decided to research HTML 5 and Javascript and found that whilst HTML5 with Javascript in some scenarios was quicker, this was by no means universal and as often as not Flash was markedly faster.

So, from my research on the internet reading what the knowledgeable and independent geeks, who, lets face it, know more than anyone else, it appears that Apple are talking corporate crap. So why will they not allow it’s use? Adobe have written the software, it’s ready to go. Perhaps Adobe wanted a lot of money? I don’t know, but I am truly pissed of being a pawn in their games. I will continue to design with Flash for viewers with superior browsing capabilities and at the end of the year, when my phone contract is up for renewal, I will see if the other manufacturers have caught up with Apple. I certainly don’t want an iPhone 4, as I have heard too many unhappy stories from 4 owners. Apple admit that they have screwed up, but instead of recalling the improperly built products they give the unhappy punters a case that will mask the problem. More Apple arrogance.

Apple released a new operating system some years ago called OS X (Operating system ten). I bought a brand new Apple computer that was bundled with said operating system, but also the previous one. You had the option to dual boot, so you could run the new system, with the old one in the background as they ensured that none of the software that ran on OS 9 or before would work on the new system. Hmm. It was released with a huge fanfare as these computer giants always do. I tried to use it but the main problem was that it didn’t work. You’re bound to be thinking “he’s a Mac hater and is exaggerating”; to use the modern parlance “I shit you not!” – it really didn’t work; it was very pretty, but it truly made your Mac unusable, so I had no option but to use OS9. Even the most devote Macys who were about in those days cannot deny that. What is even more extraordinary is that Apple Corp actually charged heavily for the subsequent releases of the OS that supposedly did function as promised. Yes, it does work now, even I cannot deny that. I personally don’t like the way it works and have always found it very clunky, not liking the difficulty in loading new fonts or the way you can so easily click somewhere on the screen and be transported to another program without wanting to; but there are plenty of folk out there who like the system and find it easy. Microsnot has released a few very iffy operating system – Windows ME, which I always thought was rather aptly named – they took all the good bits of 98 and broke them, but at least there was the choice of using Windows 2000 which was a very good stable system. Then of course there was Vista, which was truly dreadful. It did work and was usable, unlike the early handful of OS X releases, before they started naming them after predatory cats in the hope that people would disassociate them from the previous not working releases folk had paid good money for. I only had a week of Vista before I moved to Windows 7 which is very good, and that was enough for me.

Whilst I do hate Apple Corporation as a company and can’t see the point of the iPad, being too big to put in your pocket and has really hasn’t got the balls of a proper laptop, I do really love my iPhone and so don’t want to change; I JUST WANT FLASH ON IT!!!!!

I wonder if I could work out how to make an on-line petition, get it promoted via social networking to the point where it has millions of signatures, and send it to the arrogant arse-hole Jobs. If any reader of this knows the technical methods of doings such a thing please e-mail me!

This is a fantastic video which I have just discovered that really says it all

Taxing Issues

Friday, February 11th, 2011

I am concerned in a report I read in a trade magazine the other day which suggests that the revenue and customs are planning to start persecuting small businesses with regard to tax. I suffered an inhuman tax investigation some years ago that lasted for almost three years. The stress of it nearly drove me to take my own life. In the end it all panned out and the outrageous demands and spurious allegations aimed at me were eventually put down, but not before I had spent some considerable sums of money I could ill afford on accountancy, which damaged my business and nearly put me out on the street. If coalition administration is planning to ‘pick on’ smaller weaker businesses as the previous government did, I think that I might very seriously consider emigration. A friend of mine did just that, after his wife’s reasonably successful hairdressing business suffered a tax investigation. She had five employees, and whilst didn’t make a great deal of money, it contributed to the family budget and kept six people in employment. The revenue demanded £60,000 from her on the basis that they ‘suspected’ she was working outside regular hours. In the end it cost them in excess of £10,000 to prove her innocence, which made her business unviable, and she made five people unemployed. My friend couldn’t face the possibility of another dose and closed his second generation, family run printing business, adding another three to the dole queue and emigrated with his family to Australia.

Get Britain working?

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Whilst I am not an expert on taxation issues and international trade I can’t but help feeling that the proposed changes to the taxation for companies with branches abroad will do nothing to encourage manufacturing businesses to make stuff in the UK. George Mombiot wrote an article in the Grawnyad about this. This link is from Mombiot’s own site which gives the stories references.

Whilst Monbiot has a definite left wing leaning, which you would expect from a Guardian correspondent, he is also a well respected journalist and I have followed all his references and read through them. I was very disturbed and so telephoned Carol Johnson on number one of the government documents gives. She has explained to me that the purpose of the proposed legislation is that the government are trying to attract very large corporations to have their head offices in the UK. This is can be seen as being great, but as far as I can see it will also encourage British companies to set up branches in foreign countries, and that when they do we, the UK, will not even benefit from getting some tax revenues. I appreciate that this has been possible using subsidiaries and all the legislation is doing is making it easier for them; but surely the government should be encouraging companies to start manufacturing in this country again. Taming the insane Health and Safety legislation we have here would be a start.

Is it not insanity that British companies are having their telephones answered by people who barely speak our language, the other side of the world, with the inevitable international phone costs, because our previous government made the business environment so uncomfortable, despite the fact that the vast majority of British people are massively pissed off by trying to communicate with people about local issues with people who they really struggle to understand. Triumph motorcycles are mostly manufactured in Thailand now!!! Why????

This government needs to put in place measures that will encourage companies to manufacture in THIS country. We have massive unemployment, some of which is being masked by 16-18 year old ‘studying’ in sixth form colleges to collect EMAs (see previous post) and other such Labour party ‘smoke and mirrors’ strategies. Health and safety in this country is pure insanity along with the new blame culture which also raised it’s ugly head with the Blair/Brown administration. Kids leave school with the impression that employers are a bunch of bastards out to exploit them, and that they must defend themselves and sue whenever possible. It’s true that in the old days the tables were reversed and the wilful neglect of the safety of employees by greedy companies was criminal, but it has gone too far the other way now and companies are unable to compete with the world any more.

Globalisation would be fine if we all played on a level playing field and sensible health & safety and environmental policies could be agreed world worldwide. Perhaps governments could refuse goods into their countries if they were produced from environmentally damaging and dangerous, exploitative factories? In this country companies get sued for the most ridiculous reasons by the army of ambulance chasing lawyers that have sprung up in recent years.

The main problems with those in control of large companies and governments is that they are really only interested in their own careers and lives which is why most policies implemented are plagued by short termism.

Further Education

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

There has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth recently over the coalition governments decisions regarding tuition fees or more importantly the tax payers contribution to funding these fees.

In my view one should stand back and ask what is the purpose of education and who should be funding it. Primary and secondary education in this country has for some time been publicly funded. Everyone in this country will to a greater or lesser degree benefit from this level of education and it is perfectly reasonable that it should be funded by the public. On the whole ‘A’ levels are a preparation for university or other forms of further education and were traditionally the preserve of the most able students. Successive governments have lowered the standards of the examinations taken during secondary education and the last administration basically told the populace that a very high percentage of sixteen year old should be going on to take ‘A’ and as many as possible should be ‘doing’ degree courses.

The examination results show that the education system is pouring out highly educated young people, but the reality is somewhat different.  When Lauryn, my girlfriend’s daughter,  joined her 6th form college she was gob smacked by the educational level of her fellow students. They have no knowledge at all of current affairs and their standard of reading and writing is abysmal. A friend of mine was teaching at a local FE college, teaching ‘key skills’ and was horrified by the lack of basic numeracy and literacy of the kids he was supposed to be teaching. These students weren’t bottom of the pile numpties, but carrying numerous  ‘A’ grade GCSEs. They couldn’t spell to save their lives, had no idea about grammar and punctuation was no existent.

I personally left school at sixteen having had enough and went on to do an engineering apprenticeship. I am not especially academic and really had too many bad experiences at school. In later years I did regret not having taken the opportunity to take advantage of a university education, but as they say youth is wasted on the young.  I did, however, get a good solid secondary education which stood me in good stead for life with seven good ‘O’ levels. ‘O’ standing for ordinary and ‘A’ standing for advanced. The clue is in the names – Advanced Level is for the very top students to be able to prove to a future employer or university that they are capable of working hard and have intelligence and understanding well above the average.

Some of the degree courses on offer at the present time are ridiculous and have seriously degraded the value of holding a degree. The whole point of a university education is to teach the student a serious subject in some depth, proving a knowledgebase and an ability to knuckle down and work hard to a potential employer. The Brown/Blair government devalued university education to a frightening level, and insisted that this level of education should be a right for anyone regardless of income, social status or a need for such an education. The result thousands of students clutching devalued degrees on the dole queue or performing the sort of employment that a graduate wouldn’t traditionally be expected to do. The previous administration  encouraged youngsters to go into further education partly to hide the fact that unemployment was far worse that they were pretending.

I do not believe that each and every tax payer should be funding unnecessary education for the sake of it. This country is not in a position to pay for it and as for ‘bribing’ the little darlings with EMAs – that was absolute insanity! The image of those against the EMS cessation is of the children of the poor who were getting help from the government to buy text books  etc; the reality is that they were spending the education grant on cigarettes, alcohol, phone cards …. My own semi-estranged son admitted to me that he spent his first EMA on comic books and other such teenage lifestyle inperatives. Lauryn tells me what the youngsters in her college spent their EMAs on. You talk to any nightclub or bar owner in the vicinity of a university and they will tell you that a massive amount of student income is spent on alcohol and general partying.

Lauryn is serious about becoming a lawyer, and has no problem at all with borrowing the cost of her education as she is only too aware that the resulting qualifications should mean that she will be in the market for a very well paid job at the end of it and so will be able to pay back the loan with the fruits of it. My girlfriend and myself are not in a position to fund her education. She will not be expected to pay back her tuition fees loan until she has landed a job paying enough to do so. Lauryn is not some goody two shoes and has got into all sorts of trouble during her adolescence but is a realist. She’s not from a wealthy background but the opportunities are there for her, but the coalition government are now saying enough is enough, this country is virsually bankrupt, we don’t want to go the way of Greece or Southern Ireland so we must stop funding wastrels.

The only students who wont take advantage of university education in the future are those who wanted to continue education as an easy alternative to working. Their background and parent’s wealth is no barrier and hasn’t been for many years.

My first blog

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Welcome to anyone who may be reading this my first ever blog post. I have little to say at the present moment, so will keep this brief in the extreme. WP was such a pain to set up, refusing to talk to the fresh database I set up on the server for it. Why it was so snotty I have no idea and nor did the very helpful techie at my hosting company. It seems to be working now. It’ll write something worth reading later.