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Voting – Right or Privilege?

Monday, May 30th, 2011

In my humble opinion this country’s political system is in an unholy mess, not because we have the ‘first past the post’ method of election, but partly because of those who are deemed suitable to make a valued judgement of our leaders, who in many cases have no understanding of what they are voting for or against. Let’s be realistic; if you have a company and the managing director leaves for some reason and needs to be replaced, you will not have a panel made up of the company’s cleaners and shop floor workers to determine the merits of the various candidates for this vitally important position, if the company is to have any future. The members of the board of ‘Britain Plc’ have a far more complex assignment running the economy of an entire country, yet they are selected, to a great degree by people who have no understanding of politics what so ever, and even less economics. How many times have you heard the expression “traditional Labour/Tory/Liberal voters”? People so often vote on class lines; “I am working class therefore I must vote labour”

Despite the fact that the Brown /Blair administration bankrupted the country and took us into a war that arguably saw Blair as a war criminal, a huge number of people voted for them again!

I believe that there is a huge amount of ‘fashion’ entering the world of political selection. I hadn’t recognised this until I started using Twitter. I ‘follow’ a good number of comics and well known personalities, who are on the whole nice, middle class and well educated, in many cases Oxbridge. I can only assume that as public figures, who make their livings as a result of people ‘liking’ them, they have almost universally adopted very left wing views and publicly slate the Tories as being evil bastards who want to make the rich richer and the poor even more down trodden. In reality that’s exactly what the Brown/Blair administration achieved. These celebrities (God how I hate that term) then publicly proffer their nice, if unrealistic views which then become the fashionable views to take. People who take a more realistic view are then seen to be selfish or cruel to the needy etc.

Because the current government have to try and pull the country out of the financial disaster we are in, cuts have to be made to services; you don’t need to be Einstein to figure that one out, but the media are reporting about hardship all over the place. The coalition were slagged off for capping the level of housing benefit that previously allowed dole scroungers to have rents paid on properties that would be well beyond the financial grasp of the majority of decent hard working people in this country. I do think that it is a shame that we can no longer afford state funded libraries all over the place, but this is a price that has to be paid for the last government’s economic folly. Services have to be cut to pay for the debts run up by the previous leaders, but the short sighted seem to blame the current government for this.
I have read numerous tweets where it is being said that Gordon’s boys weren’t to blame, it was the evil bankers. These tweetists also like to suggest that in some way that the Tory party is another evil head of the bad bankers monster. So what bunch of morons allowed the bankers to behave as they did, bailed them out with tax payers money and then didn’t do anything to stop the greedy bastards going for it again? Oh yes, that’ll be New Labour!

Another opinion of these guileless media whores is that those running businesses are the scourge of the working man and they see the Tories ‘cosying up’ to corporate leaders. In the real world the working man won’t have a job if the nasty businesses aren’t able to make a profit. I have been self-employed in the business sector for well in excess of twenty years and I know loads of guys running businesses where their staff take home far more than they do, and are still convinced that their bosses are exploiting them. Thanks to the leftwing governments, the disproportionally powerful health and safety executive and the unions, the vast majority of British manufacturing goes abroad, much of it to the far east.

I am not a rabid Tory, which would be a reasonable conclusion to make from the previous paragraphs, but to be honest in the current political climate they are the best on offer. I am sure, that in common with nearly all politicians, Cameron and his chums would feather their own nests, but the country is so screwed at present that there is nothing going spare to nick.

Doubtless, if there are any green shoots of recover at the end of this grim and austere period, then the great unwashed of this country will vote back to power the authors of our previous misfortune, in the naive belief that the lefties will come and lavish all and sundry with every conceivable luxury and no thought to the funding.

The only solution to this problem is to ensure that only those who understand the political process and the economic realities of the situation would be permitted to vote. In an ideal world everyone at school would be taught about the realities of politics and economics and would be examined to prove a real understanding before being allowed a voting card. The major flaw in this ideology is that, as far as I can make out, a huge percentage of school teachers and college lecturers are completely brainwashed with lala land socialist views. My step daughter is forever having her sixth form tutors attempting to push their unrealistic, but ‘nice’ politics on her. Fortunately she is quick witted and counters with more well thought out views. What I find astounding is that so many highly intelligent individuals are completely blind to the realities of economics; anyone and everyone, from anywhere in the world should have a minimum standard of ‘x’, ‘y’ and ‘z’ supplied by Britain, regardless of whether Britain has the money to pay for it – oh yes, and the government must get this from the rich, well richer than them of course. The fact that there aren’t enough rich people with enough money to fund it doesn’t matter, any more than the reality that if higher earners get taxed at 95% in real terms they’ll piss of with their income to somewhere with a fairer taxation policy.

But I digress; the bottom line is that only those who can adequately prove that they have a reasonable understanding of politic s and economics should be allowed to partake in the voting process. This would have countless benefits. Currently candidates proffer absolute bullshit to the electorate, which no one ever expects them to put into action, but sound palatable at the time. Too many votes are cast for the ‘nicer’ personality. If the candidates had to convince an intelligent and well informed electorate, who would never trust them again, were they not action their election proposals and promises, then we would get some more able leaders. Education and examination for the privilege of voting could be achieved reasonably cheaply on line, and after a couple of terms of improved government, we could afford this system with no problems.

As well as having a better educated voter, I believe that MPs and ministers should be paid on a performance related basis. This would ensure that Brown and Blair would be as bankrupt as the country is now, instead of being millionaires, following their epic and multitudinous failures to the citizens of Britain.