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Fashionable Breasts

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Breasts are all created perfectly. There is no perfect breast shape or size any more than there is a perfect piece of music. For my tastes Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb exemplifies the pinnacle of the aural art, with Bach’s organ toccata and fugue in D minor just ahead of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Free bird and I tend to like small but pert breasts. Clearly my taste’s in music aren’t every ones and I know of men who prefer the ‘Space Hopper’ breast design.

My point is that no two breasts are identical let alone pairs of mammaries; but all will be adored by someone. There has been a recent culture in the ‘civilised’ world for women to have their breasts deformed by the surgical insertion of bags of silicon for fashion.

When I was a lad, girls and boys for that matter, wore the most ridiculous clothes – platform shoes, flares, bondage trousers etc, crazy make up and hair dyed in farcical bright colours all in the name of fashion. In recent years however fashion has reached epidemic proportions with youngsters, mainly girls, desecrating their body with vile tattoos*, piercings and massively unnecessary surgery. At least the piercings can be removed leaving only reasonably small scarring and those stupid enough to brand themselves permanently with ink will be a permanent warning to their offspring not to make the same mistakes, but vanity surgery takes fashion into a much darker place.

Cosmetic surgery has it’s place and I can understand why actresses, and their ilk, extend their working life by paying huge amounts of money to specialists to maintain the tools of their trade. Cosmetic surgery also has a place in reconstructing the bodies of those struck by accidents and illnesses such as cancer.

I cannot, however, even begin to understand why society even allows, much less encourages, young women, with essentially perfect bodies, to have them debased with dangerous surgery and bags of silicon by doctors motivated only by profit. Recently one of the companies cashing in on this odious trade, has been upping it’s profit margins by supplying builders grade silicon to be stuck in the chests of these vacuous fashion victims.

The hard working tax payers of this country, there are a few of us left, are now being asked to foot the bill to have the plastic fun bags of these shallow, narcissistic girls removed and replaced with the more expensive surgical silicon. Call me harsh, but my attitude is that they need to sue the company who fitted the dodgy implants in the first place, at their own expense. If they can’t get them repaired under warranty, then they will have to start saving in the same way as they did when they decided to defile what mother nature gave them in the first place.



*I do accept that not all tattoos are vile, but I am referring in this article to the ‘Tramp Stamps’ that are commonly seem on young girls as fashion, not serious body art.