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Brexit – The Vote and Aftermath

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

I haven’t written anything on my blog for a good many years. Mostly because I really don’t have time, what with running three businesses, writing a monthly article for CMM, playing with motorcycles and having a social life. I am getting to the point where I am seriously considering leaving all social media, as a direct result of the volume of half baked crap being spewed from the mouths of folk. It is my belief that the social media is being used to smear people particularly in the public eye.

UKIP and Nigel Farage in particular, started to strike a chord with many ordinary people living in Britain. Not radical people, just ordinary working people, who have, for some time been getting the feeling that they are being taken for a ride. As UKIP’s popularity grew, so the slurring started. The Guardian reading middle classes decided they were racists and when the Tory leadership decided that they wanted to back their potentially massively paying jobs in the EU post UK government, the smearing started in earnest. Once the real racist politicians could see UKIP’s momentum they tried to jump on the band wagon leaving their unelectable openly racist parties for the chance of power. Every time UKIP discovered one of these pernicious cuckoos that had found their way into the UKIP nest, they were summarily ejected, but this just gave fuel to the fire started by their detractors. So successful has the smear campaign been that Nigel Farage and his party were excluded from the Official Leave Campaign, which was hugely sad given that Farage was the one who started it all.

The current administration spent ten million pounds of hard working British tax payers money to print and deliver a leaflet full of factual inaccuracies and downright untruths. Cameron even had the audacity to blatantly infer that leaving the EU might well cause world war three! The official leave campaign decided to follow suit and start their own lies to hoodwink voters. The vile Murdoch press started to churn out pro-leave crap, which I believe damaged the cause, given most of it was genuinely borderline racist. I was truly amazed today, to read a post on Facebook that suggested that Nigel Farage had gone back on his promise to spend the EU subs on the NHS. He is not a Westminster MP!  He never made such a claim, but a pushy, ill informed interviewer on a video clip shown as evidence to back up this stupid claim on Facebook kept pushing him on the point. He calmly explained to her that he was NOT part of the official leave campaign and so did not have any control over the lies plastered on their campaign bus, nor the crap spewing Boris’s gob, but still the stupid cow kept going! He pointed out that, in his opinion, the official leave campaign had made a mistake with some of their ludicrous claims, though he was very diplomatic, which considering they shafted him was very gentlemanly.

Despite the huge advantages the Remain campaign had, and the massive and blatant lies they spouted, the British voters came out in record numbers to wave two fingers at the EU. The Guardian reading middle classes are up in arms, eloquently demanding that there was somehow a stitch up; that those that voted to leave are either ill educated or racists. They are screaming that those of us who voted leave are ruining the future for our children and are somehow stirring up racial hatred. The leftie middle classes shout racist at anything they don’t like; the working class man who has a problem might call you a wanker or a prick, the leftie will call you a racist. Problem is that despite the term being bandied about so liberally now, for some inexplicable reason, when the gentle nicely spoken folk accuse people of being a racist, some of that shit more often than not sticks, however unfair the accusation. The BMW/Audi/VW driving middle classes love to spout their inclusive socialist claptrap, but they still want their creature comforts and don’t want their talented progeny mixing with the nasty council house yobs.

Brexit age vote table

Interesting last night, seeing huge crowds of youngsters protesting against the result of the referendum on Ch4 News, particularly considering that considerably less than forty percent of the 18-24 year group could be arsed to vote at all. When I was a youth the young protested about things that something could be done about, like nuclear disarmament, not the result of a democratic referendum! Nuclear weapons were clearly a bad thing and however little experience of life you have, they were very obviously a bad thing. Apartheid was another injustice worth shouting about. When I was young we looked to those who’d lived a bit for guidance and whilst we, in common with all youths from the dawn of time, thought we knew it all, the rest of society gave the opinions of the elders more credence than those from kids who had only recently left school. Wisdom and experience were once valued. Those complaining on Facebook about the fact that they are correct and those who voted out are hugely wrong, have been pointing to the fact that the younger voters wanted in and that the older the voter, the more likely they were to vote out, as being a ringing endorsement for their view. It should also be noted in the above table that the older the voter, the more they value their vote and missing the opportunity to express ones view at the ballot box is a youngsters trait.

No one really knows what will happen economically as a result of Brexit, but given our serious trading deficit with the EU, it would really not be in their interests to put up major trading barriers. If the EU really is stupid enough to do that, then I am sure we will be able to do deals with other countries around the world as we did in the past. Naturally the cost of expensive German cars would increase, and so the Champagne socialists might have to start digging deeper or even buy Japanese cars built in the UK. Maybe without the EU giving grants to companies to take their manufacturing away from Britain in favour of other EU countries and without the seemingly limitless mountains of EU bureaucracy shackling businesses, we might once again develop British manufacturing as we once did. I am still really sore about the EU luring Cadbury away from Keynsham with grants to manufacture in Poland with a loss of five hundred jobs from the local economy.

Yes the big players are sorely pissed off by Brexit, partly because it gave them an unfair advantage in the market place over the many small businesses that originally made Britain great. I don’t understand high end banking and so why the bankers were against leaving I don’t know, but I do know that the giant banks have never done me any favours and have always taken the piss out of small businesses. The leaders of the mega-financial institutions award themselves obscene pay deals and bonuses out of all proportion to their working week, so my guess is that if they are against leaving the EU, it will be from their personal perspectives, not those of the businesses they run.

My final observation is that the votes were cast, counted and a democratic result was announced. Can I suggest that rather than putting in massive amounts of effort complaining that the result is wrong, racist or bad for the price of your favourite car, that you get off your arse and work at making Britain great again. Reposting tripe from the Grawnyad and starting undemocratic petitions is a waste of time and energy that could be spent in a more valuable direction.