Get Britain working?

February 11th, 2011

Whilst I am not an expert on taxation issues and international trade I can’t but help feeling that the proposed changes to the taxation for companies with branches abroad will do nothing to encourage manufacturing businesses to make stuff in the UK. George Mombiot wrote an article in the Grawnyad about this. This link is from Mombiot’s own site which gives the stories references.

Whilst Monbiot has a definite left wing leaning, which you would expect from a Guardian correspondent, he is also a well respected journalist and I have followed all his references and read through them. I was very disturbed and so telephoned Carol Johnson on number one of the government documents gives. She has explained to me that the purpose of the proposed legislation is that the government are trying to attract very large corporations to have their head offices in the UK. This is can be seen as being great, but as far as I can see it will also encourage British companies to set up branches in foreign countries, and that when they do we, the UK, will not even benefit from getting some tax revenues. I appreciate that this has been possible using subsidiaries and all the legislation is doing is making it easier for them; but surely the government should be encouraging companies to start manufacturing in this country again. Taming the insane Health and Safety legislation we have here would be a start.

Is it not insanity that British companies are having their telephones answered by people who barely speak our language, the other side of the world, with the inevitable international phone costs, because our previous government made the business environment so uncomfortable, despite the fact that the vast majority of British people are massively pissed off by trying to communicate with people about local issues with people who they really struggle to understand. Triumph motorcycles are mostly manufactured in Thailand now!!! Why????

This government needs to put in place measures that will encourage companies to manufacture in THIS country. We have massive unemployment, some of which is being masked by 16-18 year old ‘studying’ in sixth form colleges to collect EMAs (see previous post) and other such Labour party ‘smoke and mirrors’ strategies. Health and safety in this country is pure insanity along with the new blame culture which also raised it’s ugly head with the Blair/Brown administration. Kids leave school with the impression that employers are a bunch of bastards out to exploit them, and that they must defend themselves and sue whenever possible. It’s true that in the old days the tables were reversed and the wilful neglect of the safety of employees by greedy companies was criminal, but it has gone too far the other way now and companies are unable to compete with the world any more.

Globalisation would be fine if we all played on a level playing field and sensible health & safety and environmental policies could be agreed world worldwide. Perhaps governments could refuse goods into their countries if they were produced from environmentally damaging and dangerous, exploitative factories? In this country companies get sued for the most ridiculous reasons by the army of ambulance chasing lawyers that have sprung up in recent years.

The main problems with those in control of large companies and governments is that they are really only interested in their own careers and lives which is why most policies implemented are plagued by short termism.

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