Taxing Issues

February 11th, 2011

I am concerned in a report I read in a trade magazine the other day which suggests that the revenue and customs are planning to start persecuting small businesses with regard to tax. I suffered an inhuman tax investigation some years ago that lasted for almost three years. The stress of it nearly drove me to take my own life. In the end it all panned out and the outrageous demands and spurious allegations aimed at me were eventually put down, but not before I had spent some considerable sums of money I could ill afford on accountancy, which damaged my business and nearly put me out on the street. If coalition administration is planning to ‘pick on’ smaller weaker businesses as the previous government did, I think that I might very seriously consider emigration. A friend of mine did just that, after his wife’s reasonably successful hairdressing business suffered a tax investigation. She had five employees, and whilst didn’t make a great deal of money, it contributed to the family budget and kept six people in employment. The revenue demanded £60,000 from her on the basis that they ‘suspected’ she was working outside regular hours. In the end it cost them in excess of £10,000 to prove her innocence, which made her business unviable, and she made five people unemployed. My friend couldn’t face the possibility of another dose and closed his second generation, family run printing business, adding another three to the dole queue and emigrated with his family to Australia.

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