Is the iPhone Flash?

February 24th, 2011

I have had my iPhone for over a year now and have to admit that I wouldn’t swap it for any other phone on the market, BUT, and it is a BIG BUT, I really hate the arrogance of Apple in point blank refusing to include any version of Flash player on the iPhone or iPad and I understand has even vetoed efforts of third party developers to create apps that would allow iPhone / iPad users, through their own choice, to be able to display Flash content on their devices.

I do have an axe to grind, as among other things, I design web sites and do like to use Flash content, as it is great to create animations that can really enhance a site. I have researched what alternatives are available and the answer is pretty much zilch for me. Some Flash content could be replaced by Java script, but there is no easy way for a design based web designer, as opposed to a programming based web developer, to create such content. I have invested a great deal of time and money to learn the workings on Flash which has been a great component in web design for many years, and do not want to completely start again and learn another type of program from scratch because some jumped up tosser in America wants to go on a giant international ego trip eliminating one of the cornerstones of web browsing.

Originally Macromedia produced Flash, though I don’t doubt, as is the way of most major software, that they in stole it from some super geek back in the mists of time. The publishing software giant Adobe bought out Macromedia and added Flash and Dreamweaver to their all ready comprehensive portfolio of design and publishing titles. I use Dreamwevear and Flash to design web site because they are aimed a designers who want to create great looking sites keeping the hassle of mind numbing code writing to a minimum. Arty people are not programmers and the sort of mind that makes things look attractive and stylish are not the sort of brains that write huge lines of computer coding.

The main argument Apple uses to defend it’s refusal to allow the use of Flash on the iPhone / iPad is that Flash is said to be resource heavy and argues that HTML 5 with Javascript is faster for a said piece of equipment eg. the iPhone. After one of my clients said that they wanted no Flash on their web site because of the iPhone / iPads issue, I decided to research HTML 5 and Javascript and found that whilst HTML5 with Javascript in some scenarios was quicker, this was by no means universal and as often as not Flash was markedly faster.

So, from my research on the internet reading what the knowledgeable and independent geeks, who, lets face it, know more than anyone else, it appears that Apple are talking corporate crap. So why will they not allow it’s use? Adobe have written the software, it’s ready to go. Perhaps Adobe wanted a lot of money? I don’t know, but I am truly pissed of being a pawn in their games. I will continue to design with Flash for viewers with superior browsing capabilities and at the end of the year, when my phone contract is up for renewal, I will see if the other manufacturers have caught up with Apple. I certainly don’t want an iPhone 4, as I have heard too many unhappy stories from 4 owners. Apple admit that they have screwed up, but instead of recalling the improperly built products they give the unhappy punters a case that will mask the problem. More Apple arrogance.

Apple released a new operating system some years ago called OS X (Operating system ten). I bought a brand new Apple computer that was bundled with said operating system, but also the previous one. You had the option to dual boot, so you could run the new system, with the old one in the background as they ensured that none of the software that ran on OS 9 or before would work on the new system. Hmm. It was released with a huge fanfare as these computer giants always do. I tried to use it but the main problem was that it didn’t work. You’re bound to be thinking “he’s a Mac hater and is exaggerating”; to use the modern parlance “I shit you not!” – it really didn’t work; it was very pretty, but it truly made your Mac unusable, so I had no option but to use OS9. Even the most devote Macys who were about in those days cannot deny that. What is even more extraordinary is that Apple Corp actually charged heavily for the subsequent releases of the OS that supposedly did function as promised. Yes, it does work now, even I cannot deny that. I personally don’t like the way it works and have always found it very clunky, not liking the difficulty in loading new fonts or the way you can so easily click somewhere on the screen and be transported to another program without wanting to; but there are plenty of folk out there who like the system and find it easy. Microsnot has released a few very iffy operating system – Windows ME, which I always thought was rather aptly named – they took all the good bits of 98 and broke them, but at least there was the choice of using Windows 2000 which was a very good stable system. Then of course there was Vista, which was truly dreadful. It did work and was usable, unlike the early handful of OS X releases, before they started naming them after predatory cats in the hope that people would disassociate them from the previous not working releases folk had paid good money for. I only had a week of Vista before I moved to Windows 7 which is very good, and that was enough for me.

Whilst I do hate Apple Corporation as a company and can’t see the point of the iPad, being too big to put in your pocket and has really hasn’t got the balls of a proper laptop, I do really love my iPhone and so don’t want to change; I JUST WANT FLASH ON IT!!!!!

I wonder if I could work out how to make an on-line petition, get it promoted via social networking to the point where it has millions of signatures, and send it to the arrogant arse-hole Jobs. If any reader of this knows the technical methods of doings such a thing please e-mail me!

This is a fantastic video which I have just discovered that really says it all

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