The REAL reason why the iPhone isn’t Flash

March 31st, 2011

This morning I discovered the real reason the iPhone doesn’t support flash, or to be more accurate why Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple Corp) has actually banned it from his product’s operating system. Jobs wrote an open letter in which he claimed that Flash was the No1 reason for his Apple Mac OSX operating system crashing. I had a Mac with the original OSX on it and it really needed no help to crash; the first few versions simply didn’t work at all and the machines shipped with OS9 as well to prevent folk sending their Macs back when they wouldn’t work. Jobs also claimed that Flash is out of date and flawed. The truth is that Flash has never caused one of my PCs to crash.

The real reason Jobs won’t allow Flash on his devices is MONEY. Flash is not just a way of providing interactive animation and a great platform for playing video on web sites, with 98% of personal computers (including Apple machines) having it installed, but it is also a method of programming so if the iPhone/iPad had Flash, then it would open the flood gates for people to play games on their iPhone/iPads without Jobs getting a cut of the action. So as always it comes down to a greedy rich bastard wanting to get even richer. My previous theory was that it was Jobs playing an ego trip, though I am fairly sure that this is probably a factor. Apple in an advertising campaign claimed that the iPhone could be used to view the whole web, but the advertising standards folk made them pull the adverts on the basis that without Flash it couldn’t.

Adobe created some tools so that Flash programmers could create apps for the Iphone and then convert them to run on the Iphone. Steve Jobs got the hump about this as well and banned it though I understand than in Flash CS5 professional there is a work around.

Google have developed the Android smart phone operating system, which has had Flash developed for it and is steaming ahead. My phone will phone contract will be up at the end of the year and I shall be looking very closely at the Android based phones. Google and Adobe have been working very closely so hopefully the greedy bastard Jobs will get blown out of the water. Don’t for one moment think that Adobe are a nice clean living company either; I can assure you from personal experience that they are also a greedy bunch of gits; I have spent a small fortune on their software and when I needed technical support for my £3000 investment I got put through to an Indian fellow, who’s grasp of English was fairly rudimentary to say the least, and could only seem to direct me to Adobe’s web help pages which in my experience are often a bit of an oxymoron. It made me sorry I hadn’t just used a pirate copy of CS5 like most other sensible people.

The conclusion is that all these companies are run by mercenary, egotistical gits, but Apple has taken it’s cupidity a step too far, in that it’s refusal, purely for financial gains, to allow Flash to be installed on it’s mobile products has made them substandard and unable to read all the content of the world wide web.

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