About Me

I am an over weight, balding forty something living in the small village of Pensford in Somerset, with my long term girlfriend, Marion (the Current Bride) and her seventeen year old daughter Lauryn.

For fun I play with motorcycles. I build them, fix them and ride them. In common with most bikers I have smashed most bones in my body and suffer with the medical consequences of foolhardy motorcycling. A few years ago I joined an IAM (Institute of Advanced Drivers) motorcycle group, who taught me a slightly less lemming like approach to bike riding. Red mist is always the problem, with my lust for adrenalin always trying to colour my riding style.

I have a serious tool buying habit and have a workshop bursting at the seams with big boys toys on an industrial scale.

Although I left school with a passion for engineering and completed a four year apprenticeship at British Aerospace, I ended up self employed as a graphic designer and stills photographer, mostly working in the TV drama world producing graphics and props for art departments. With my biggest customer, BBC Casualty, moving from Bristol to Cardiff, I am having to restructure my business. I have been building up the commercial web design part of the business and am breaking into video production.